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Filmed entertainment

Josef Mirczuk, PwC Sydney
Anthony Carter, PwC Sydney
Stephen Humphries, PwC Sydney

Box office revenue is expected to rise over the forecast period, overtaking total physical home video revenue by 2015.

Total electronic home video revenue will post strong gains over the period, and these gains will be most pronounced in OTT/ streaming services.

It is likely that bigger foreign players in the video on demand (VOD) space will enter the Australian market, to compete against Quickflix and other OTT services such as Foxtel’s Play and Presto.

Market definition

This segment consists of both out-of-home and in-home metrics. Out-of-home covers consumer expenditure at the box office for theatrical motion pictures and advertising spend at the cinema such as on-screen advertisements before the movie.

In-home includes both digital and physical home video of films and TV programming. Physical is split between rentals and sell-through and covers consumer spend. Rentals consider spending on rentals of DVDs and videos at video stores and kiosks along with DVD-by-mail services. The purchase of physical-home-video products is included in the sell-through data, with all spend considered including retail and via online ordering.

Digital home video is split into two categories: Video on demand through over-the-top (OTT)/streaming services (VOD OTT) and video on demand through subscription TV (VOD STV). Both cover consumer spend.

VOD OTT / streaming services considers revenue from stand-alone OTT services such as Apple TV/iTunes, Netflix and Foxtel's Presto where filmed entertainment is accessed via a broadband or wireless internet connection and can be viewed on a PC, TV, tablet or smartphone.

This revenue is from transactional video on demand (TVOD) services (such as Apple TV/iTunes) that do not require a subscription and also from subscription video on demand (SVOD) services (such as Netflix and Foxtel's Presto) that do require a subscription.

This revenue is also included in the subscription TV segment under IPTV (though not broken out) but is removed at the total level to avoid double counting.

VOD STV considers revenue from video on demand (VOD) and pay per view (PPV) services provided by a subscription TV provider (including IPTV providers) as part of a TV subscription package or as an enhancement to that core package.

Note that this category excludes revenue from stand-alone operator OTT services, such as Foxtel's Presto or Apple TV/iTunes, but includes incremental revenue from 'TV Everywhere' packages (such as Foxtel's Go) that bundle OTT with conventional subscription TV services.

This revenue is also included in the subscription TV segment (though not broken out) but is removed at the total level to avoid double counting.

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