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Courtney Owen, PwC Sydney
Claire Legue, PwC Sydney
David Wiadrowski, PwC Sydney

Growth in the Australian OOH advertising market will continue to be hindered by high capital expenditure costs and a lack of uniform regulations for large-scale digital and roadside billboards.

The Australian OOH market will benefit in the forecast period from the incorporation of new technologies into digital panels.Rising smartphone ownership and technologies such as near field communications will aid creativity in OOH in transit and retail environments.

Market definition

The out-of-home (OOH) advertising market consists of advertiser spending on OOH media such as billboards, street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks), transit displays (bus sides, taxi toppers), sports arena displays and captive advertisement networks (in venues such as elevators).

OOH comprises hundreds of different formats but roadside billboards are the single most prevalent format of outdoor advertising.

Advertising on bus shelters, news racks or telephone booths are types of street-furniture.

Transit advertising is advertising placed on vehicles such as buses, train carriages and taxis. Advertisements located at airports and in train stations are also included in this category.

Alternative formats for OOH advertising can include advertisements on petrol pumps, bike racks or inside rest rooms.

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